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Topic 8: Creating Documents and Presentations

Activity 1: You may already be familiar with office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, but there are also online Web 2.0 tools that let you create documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files. When you use these Web 2.0 tools, you can access your files from any computer, and you can easily share them with other people. Two options to try are Google Apps and Zoho. Both of these require that you sign up for a free account. Unless your school has already established accounts, you should ask your parents if they are willing to set up a family account for you to use.
Activity 2 (Optional): More to Try
A different approach to presentations is to create an online poster using Glogster. This site lets you design a lively poster display with pictures and text, embedded video and sound, and attached files. Your librarian or teacher can set up a student account for you.
Activity 2: Now, write a blog posting sharing what you created and telling about what you explored and how you think you could use this software for school projects or for fun.
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