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Topic 6: Creating Your Own Images

You know now from your Flickr searches how to find great images online. There are also a lot of Web 2.0 tools that will help you create your own images by rearranging graphics and words. These are usually called mash-ups or remixes.
Activity 1: Visit one or more of these sites, create an image, add it to your blog, then write about your experience:
ImageChef: This site lets you customize signs and pictures with your own text. These images make fun additions to reports, cards, your blog, and anywhere.
Big Huge Labs: This site lets you “mash” images into magazine covers, puzzles, trading cards, and more.
Wordle: This site lets you turn text into beautiful word mosaics. Use it to create mosaics of your personal traits or hobbies, to analyze a writer’s key concepts, or to evaluate words you may be over-using when you write.
Aviary: This site lets you draw or edit images and record and edit audio. This site requires you to have an account. Your librarian/teacher may be able to set up an educational account on this site for you.
Make Beliefs Comix:  This is a fun site that lets you create comics.  The best part is that you do not need to have an account. is a fun and easy site to use.
Activity 2: Now, write a blog posting about what site(s) you explored and how you think you could use this software for school projects or for fun. Add the images you created to your blog posting to share them.b
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