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Digital Citizenship, Activity 3 & 4


Activity 3: Create your blog by following the directions on the page titled “Setting Up Your Blog.”   Now you need to register your blog. This means that after you create your blog, you will fill out an online form to give me your email address, blog name, and blog address. I will not share your name with anyone else, but will need it for keeping track of your progress. After you have received notice that I have received your information and approved your blog, then you can begin with all the fun! I will create a “blogroll” – a list of all the blogs for students who are taking this class with you. These are the students you will work with and cheer along the way – that’s the 2.0 way!! Check their blogs regularly and comment on them. Ask them questions about how to do stuff if you’re confused or answer questions for those who might need your help. Cheer them on – have fun! Critique well!

Activity 4: Now that you’ve read the “Blogging Guidelines” on the Valencia High Blog, answer the following questions.  This will be your first blog posting.  In your posting, include answers to these questions:

  1. Being a good digital citizen means…

  2. What are some topics you can blog about?

  3. What do you need to be careful to keep private and not include in your blog?

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